17 July 2017

Thank You For Your Generosity!

HCPT 101 have received an anonymous donation of £25 to our JustGiving page. Many thanks to whoever you are, from all of 101 (especially the children, because this will pay for some of their ice creams!)

16 July 2017

Eighteenth And Final Apparition, 159 Years Ago

Friday July 16, 1858: The last appearance

Eighteenth appearance. Bernadette feels the mysterious call of the Grotto, but access to Massabielle is forbidden and closed by a palisade. She goes to the other side of the Gave ... and sees the Virgin Mary one last time: "It seemed to me that I was in front of the cave, at the same distance as the other times I saw Only the virgin, I have never seen her so beautiful!"

11 July 2017

Matthew Singing Don't Look Back In Anger - Lourdes 1996

Lourdes 1996 and a youthful looking Matthew Lester sings an Oasis tune. They're his favourite band to this day!

Beautiful Lourdes Sunshine

HCPT Group 101 leaders Phil and Margaret recently returned from a week in Lourdes, as at Easter the sun shone all week!