24 April 2017

Fundraising For 2018 Has Begun

Many thanks to Rob and Christine who held a supper last night to raise funds for Group 101. £285 towards next Easter's pilgrimage!

We have also received an anonymous donation of £45 on our justgiving page. Thank you so much, whoever you are.

Group 101 Are Safely Home

We are safely home after a fantastic week in Lourdes! The sun shone everyday and we had so much fun and laughter.  Many thanks to everyone who helped us to get to Lourdes this year, you have helped some brilliant children enjoy a special and unforgettable week. More photos and videos to come!  

20 April 2017

18 April 2017

Photos From Tuesday in Lourdes

The 2017 Group 101 Cross

Here is the cross made by all the members of Group 101.

Easter Monday Mass At The Grotto

Last night there was a very special mass at the grotto for HCPT.

Phil Leading Last Night's Group Session

Tuesday's Thought For The Day

17 April 2017

Photos From Gavarnie

We have had a fantastic day in Gavarnie. The mountains have never looked more awe-inspiring as we celebrated mass and sang our songs in glorious sunshine.

Monday's Thought for The Day

16 April 2017

The 2017 HCPT Group 101 Candle

The 2017 HCPT Group 101 candle. You might not be here, but your name is on it.