30 January 2017

Photos From The 101 Archives #37

Helpers Meeting For The 2017 Pilgrimage

There is a meeting for helpers travelling on the 2017 pilgrimage at 3pm on Saturday 17th February at Phil and Marge's house.

27 January 2017

Photos From The 101 Archives #36

The Logo For The 2017 Pilgrimage

Photos From The 101 Archives #35

The 2017 Lourdes Theme

The Lourdes theme for 2017 is 'The Lord Has Done Great Things For Me'.

In 2017 the Sanctuary of Lourdes invites pilgrims to follow the path opened by the 25th World Day of the Sick celebrated in a special way in Lourdes this year for the anniversary of its first celebration on 11th February 1993. 

We are invited to look at suffering through the eyes of Mary. From the first moments of the Gospel, in Cana, she knows how to make known to Jesus the needs of men, and she knows how to make known to men the path of Jesus1 . Throughout the ministry of Jesus, She remains the one who accompanies Him in faith, a faith which is manifested in her willing presence at the foot of the cross: she then receives the disciple as her son (Jn 19:26). 

The hour of Jesus is also the hour of the woman (Jn 16:21). For her, every suffering becomes the pain of childbirth. She is "the mother" who welcomes and passes on the gift of love of the crucified Christ. It is she who reveals herself to Bernadette, deep inside the dark recess of a Pyrenean rock. Bernadette is facing a dead end. She can see in front of her "a real abundance of wood and bone," precisely what she came for, but this is made inaccessible to her by the cold water of the stream. That moment sums up her existence, fated by illness, poor harvests and mismanagement, unable to attend school and catechism lessons. At 14, she is an outcast, on the periphery of Lourdes. She could disappear from Lourdes without anybody caring... 

But someone has seen her in the depths of her void. A girl "as young and as small as me," she says. Someone similar to her, someone who was insignificant like her in the eyes of men, but whom God saw in the depths of her lowly house in Nazareth. "God does not see as man sees: for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”. (1 Sam 16:7) 

Through her eyes and her smile Mary shares with Bernadette the joy of the Magnificat, the fruitfulness of a life that allows itself to be touched by God. Mary shares with the Church the joy of hearing again "a sound like a gust of wind," the breath of Pentecost, the breath of new beginnings. "She looked at me as one person talking to another person”. I exist for someone! It is the joy experienced by little children, the same joy of the Trinity of Divine Persons who exist one for the other!

The Prayer For The 2017 Pilgrimage

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for calling each one of us to
visit you on pilgrimage here in Lourdes.

We also come in answer to Our Lady’s invitation
to ‘come to the water to drink and wash’.

On this Pilgrimage we ask you to transform us
through the waters of the Grotto,
and the ‘living water’ of your Word,
into the people you want us to be.

May the love we show each other on these
days of Pilgrimage be a reflection of the love
you have for each one us.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


The HCPT Theme for 2017

The 2017 HCPT pilgrimage theme is being coordinated by HCPT’s Westcountry Region and is “Come to the Water”.

From the beginning of the Creation story, throughout the Bible and particularly in the Gospels, the theme of water is very strong; it is no surprise, as water is essential to life on Earth. There are hundreds of references to water in the bible: water in Creation; water in the Flood; water, or lack of it, in the desert Exodus, and the parting of the Red Sea; the restful waters of the psalms;  the waters of baptism in the Jordan; the tempestuous waters of the Sea of Galilee calmed by Jesus; and the ‘water of life’ revealed to the Samaritan woman by Christ at Jacob’s well. Christ, the ‘water of life’, the ‘living water’, is essential for our earthly life, and the heavenly life to come.
The story of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St Bernadette is strongly influenced by the theme of water and this continues to our days of Pilgrimage in Lourdes where we we will taste and feel the waters that still gush forth from the spring revealed to Bernadette by Our Lady on 25th February 1858. Our Lady asked Bernadette to tell people ‘to come to the water to drink and wash’. We come to Lourdes ‘to drink and wash’.
Great miracles of healing have been attributed to the waters of Lourdes but the greatest miracle is for everyone to experience – the love of God found in pilgrimage at this holy place. Once again in 2017 the HCPT pilgrimage offers the opportunity to celebrate the joy of ‘the Risen Lord’ as we come together on Easter Day; once again we have the opportunity to encounter God through the life, prayer and liturgies of our days in Lourdes; once again we shall experience the love and joy of God in our fellowship in the presence of the Lord.
The prophet Isaiah tells us: ‘Everyone who is thirsty, come to the water’ (Isaiah 55:1). We come to Lourdes in answer to that call.

The theme of water also plays a huge part in the life of the Westcountry. Being a peninsula, every part of life is connected to water. Indeed it is life itself.

25 January 2017

Photos From The 101 Archives #34

Another Video Of Gavarnie

A Special Place - Gavarnie

In just a few months, Group 101 and the rest of HCPT will be flying to Lourdes for a fantastic week. As part of that week, we will go to Gavarnie in the Pyrenees where we will be surrounded by spectacular scenery. Here is a video of Gavarnie. A very special place.


19 January 2017

Happy Birthday Martin!

A big happy birthday to Martin! Have a great day, from everyone in 101!