24 December 2017

Please Pray For James

James is a very important member of Group 101, and has been for many years now. He is very poorly in hospital and needs your prayers this Christmas.

A Message From Brother Michael Strode

"I am quite overwhelmed with all your Christmas cards and kind messages. I would like to reply to you individually but this is simply not possible. Wishing you a love filled Christmas, Br Michael."

28 November 2017

HCPT Group 101 Advent Concert

On Saturday 2nd December, there will be an Advent concert to raise funds for our 2018 holiday to Lourdes. Tickets are £3 and there are still some available so please join us!

The concert is at St Paul's church and church hall.

The evening starts at 7pm with drinks in the church hall and the concert will begin at 8pm in the church.

Thank you for your support!

15 October 2017

Raffle Tickets And Fundraising

HCPT are organising a fabulous Christmas raffle this year and funds raised help groups take local children with special needs to Lourdes for the holiday of a lifetime.

The cost of taking a child to Lourdes is now £850 so our fundraising efforts will be hue this year.

If you would like some raffle tickets, please contact us at hcpt101@gmail.com.

Just Giving Donation

Many thanks to the person who made an anonymous donation of £30 via our JustGiving page. It is greatly appreciated by everyone in the group, especially the children who will benefit from the holiday of a lifetime.

To donate to 101, please click here

Many Thanks To Derek's Family And Friends

At last week's funeral service for Derek Grocock, a lovely man and supporter of Group 101. over £800 was donated to the group to help us to take children to Lourdes next Easter. Thank you.

06 October 2017

Derek Grocock

Please keep Derek Grocock and his wife Kitty and their family in your prayers today. Derek's his funeral will be held at 11.30.

Derek was a kind and gentle man with a great sense of humour and he was a supporter of Group 101. He loved going to Lourdes on the diocesan pilgrimage and it was Derek's wish that donations made at the funeral today will go to Group 101.

20 September 2017

First Meeting For The 2018 Lourdes Trip

On 9th September helpers travelling to Lourdes next year had a meeting to prepare for the 2018 pilgrimage. It promises to be a great year and it will be Group 101's 40th anniversary!

19 August 2017

Meeting For 2018 Lourdes Trip

There will be a meeting on Saturday 9th September at 3:30pm at St Paul's Church Hall for all those interested in travelling to Lourdes next Easter. Please let Phil and Marge know if you can attend.

17 July 2017

Thank You For Your Generosity!

HCPT 101 have received an anonymous donation of £25 to our JustGiving page. Many thanks to whoever you are, from all of 101 (especially the children, because this will pay for some of their ice creams!)

16 July 2017

Eighteenth And Final Apparition, 159 Years Ago

Friday July 16, 1858: The last appearance

Eighteenth appearance. Bernadette feels the mysterious call of the Grotto, but access to Massabielle is forbidden and closed by a palisade. She goes to the other side of the Gave ... and sees the Virgin Mary one last time: "It seemed to me that I was in front of the cave, at the same distance as the other times I saw Only the virgin, I have never seen her so beautiful!"

11 July 2017

Matthew Singing Don't Look Back In Anger - Lourdes 1996

Lourdes 1996 and a youthful looking Matthew Lester sings an Oasis tune. They're his favourite band to this day!

Beautiful Lourdes Sunshine

HCPT Group 101 leaders Phil and Margaret recently returned from a week in Lourdes, as at Easter the sun shone all week!

26 June 2017

Great Day At Yesterday's Summer Fair

A great day yesterday at St Paul's summer fair. HCPT 101 had a stall and raised £200 towards the 2018 pilgrimage. Well done to everyone who was there to help and many thanks to everyone who came to our stall.

Plans are underway now for next year's pilgrimage, if you're interested in joining us, email us at hcpt101@gmail.com or phone Phil and Margaret on 01302 868816.

19 June 2017

Thank You Tanisha And Soraya!

Two brave women jumped out of a plane yesterday to raise funds for Group 101! Tanisha and Soraya are halfway to their target of raising enough money to pay for a child to travel to Lourdes next Easter. Here are some photos of the day and here is a link to sponsor them and raise money for 101.

27 May 2017

Thank You!

Group 101 have receiver an anonymous donation of £80 to our justgiving page. Many thanks to whoever you are, your generosity will make a real difference.

Click here to visit our justgiving page.

24 May 2017

Skydiving For HCPT 101!

On Sunday, 18th June, sisters Tanisha and Soraya Downing are doing a skydive for HCPT 101!
It is happening at 1.30 at Hibaldstow in North Lincolnshire. 

Please come along on the day to support them, and even more importantly, click on this link to help them raise funds for 101!

08 May 2017

Brilliant Reunion Mass Yesterday!

It was great to see so many members of 101 at yesterday's reunion mass! Here are some photos.

02 May 2017

Group 101 Having Fun In Room 104

This year in Lourdes we were very lucky to have a group room that we could all fit inside!

24 April 2017

Fundraising For 2018 Has Begun

Many thanks to Rob and Christine who held a supper last night to raise funds for Group 101. £285 towards next Easter's pilgrimage!

We have also received an anonymous donation of £45 on our justgiving page. Thank you so much, whoever you are.

Group 101 Are Safely Home

We are safely home after a fantastic week in Lourdes! The sun shone everyday and we had so much fun and laughter.  Many thanks to everyone who helped us to get to Lourdes this year, you have helped some brilliant children enjoy a special and unforgettable week. More photos and videos to come!  

20 April 2017