30 March 2015

Early Weather Report

Here is an early weather report for next week in Lourdes. It's looking good so far but it's still early days!

29 March 2015

The Grotto Is Almost Ready

Following the floods of recent years, the Lourdes authorities have been working hard to repair and improve the area around the grotto. The first mass following the works will be held on Easter Sunday morning, when Group 101 and all of HCPT will be in Lourdes. Here are some photos of the works in progress. The photos are taken from the Lourdes website.

28 March 2015

21 March 2015

14 March 2015

13 March 2015

2015 HCPT Prayer Resources

Click on the image below for a link to prayer resources for the 2015 HCPT Easter pilgrimage.


12 March 2015

Fifty Questions About Lourdes

Click on the image below for a link to a website that answers some interesting questions about Lourdes.

11 March 2015

Rest In Peace Gareth

So hard to believe that a year has passed by already.

Gareth Boylan 07/06/1979 - 11/03/2014

08 March 2015

What a Great Night for Gareth!

Last night some members of Group 101 enjoyed a fabulous night of music and comedy in Jarrow.
Jimmy Cricket had the sell out crowd in stitches and Jimmy's wife May, and The Beacon Band and our own Phil Hall entertained with great music.

Lizzie did a wonderful job of organising the event and although the final total is not yet in, it looks as though enough was raised to pay for a child to go to Lourdes with 101 and for a nurse to travel with the Hexham and Newcastle summer pilgrimage group. 

Here are some photos.

07 March 2015

Comedy Night in Memory of Gareth Boylan

Members of Group 101 are heading North tonight to celebrate and remember Gareth Boylan, who was Group 101's nurse and helper for many years. The comedy night will feature Jimmy Cricket and Group 101's own Phil Hall. Some pictures will be posted later.

This video has been posted before but here it is again. A reminder of Gareth in Lourdes with group 101. So hard to believe that it is almost a year ago that Gareth died.

Four Weeks!

04 March 2015

Flight Times Announced

The flight times for our pilgrimage to Lourdes have been announced! Group 101 are scheduled to fly from Manchester at 9am on Saturday 4th April, and the return flight from Tarbes is set to leave at 9am on Saturday 11th April.

02 March 2015

Thank You Tickhill Lions!

Once again Tickhill Lions have generously supported Group 101 with a donation of £750. This will pay for a local child with special needs to have a fabulous holiday in Lourdes. Thank you!

A Big Thank You to Margaret and Chris

A big thank you to Margaret and Chris Kime for a very kind donation to group 101. This generosity will help some very deserving children to enjoy a fabulous holiday in Lourdes in less than five weeks time!

If you want to donate to Group 101, you can click on the Just Giving link on the right of this page.