04 July 2014

A Video of Gareth Boylan

It is now almost four months since Gareth died and he and his family are never far from the thoughts of the many people who knew him and miss him. Here is a video of Gareth in Lourdes with HCPT Group 101. Most of the footage is from Gareth's final pilgrimage with 101, in 2013, and some shows Gareth in 2011 when he came to Lourdes with his wife Lizzie and their oldest (and at the time only) son, Joseph.

The video certainly encapsulates both the spiritual and the fun sides that Gareth brought to a week in Lourdes with Group 101; the way he gently blessed the group with healing oil at the Trust Mass and the way he joined in with the dancing during an afternoon sat in the sunshine on the terrace of the Riviera Sol cafe.

Some of the many great memories that we are lucky to have shared with Gareth.