14 February 2014

HCPT 2014 theme, 'We are God's house - come in!'

In 2014 volunteers from the south of England (HCPT’s “Met Deep South” region) are organising the Trust mass and arranging activities and materials around the theme of “We Are God’s House”. 

The theme was chosen partly because Met Deep South is the “home” of HCPT. Dr Michael Strode was working at Chailey Heritage School, in Sussex, when he took the first group of children to Lourdes in 1956.

“We are God’s House” was also chosen because sacred scripture uses the image of a “house” to teach about the kingdom of God, and Christian discipleship. (Matthew 7:24 “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on rock.”) It is an image that the HCPT groups can use in prayer time and activities.

Prayer for HCPT Pilgrimages in 2014:
“Father, help us to be the spiritual stones of your loving and eternal house by our prayer, worship, and service. Bring us to Lourdes in 2014, so that through the prayers of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, your son, we may be united in love with all who are pilgrims with HCPT. We make this prayer though Christ our Lord. Amen.”

As well as the annual theme for the HCPT pilgrimages, we also follow the annual theme that Lourdes sets for pilgrimages there. In 2014 this is “Lourdes, the Joy of Conversion”.