06 February 2014

Disability awareness

Last Saturday members of Group 101 had a great day at the Yorkshire Region preparation day. The day was brilliantly organised by members of HCPT Group 122 from York, led by Claire Shanks. The day ended with a lovely mass in the Bar Convent.

The workshop on disability awareness featured a fantastic video and poem that in many ways sums up the purpose of HCPT. Here they are:

See Me 
Madeleine Alston

You look 
But you don't see me. 
You see a crutch. 
A bald head. 
A scar. 
A disease. 
An object of pity. 
You don't see the person. 
The determination. 
The fear. 
The vitality. 
The passion for living. 
The capacity for love. 
Open your eyes 
And look without prejudice. 
Look beyond my leg. 
Look beyond my illness. 
Look into my world. 
See the many pieces, 
not just one. 
A complete person. 
Open your eyes 
And see me.