22 June 2013

Lourdes is bouncing back

Despite being hit by devastating floods for the second time in eight months, the town of Lourdes is bouncing back again. The domain is being cleared and the Lourdes authorities are adamant that no pilgrimages will be cancelled. Group 101 leaders Phil and Margaret are themselves due to visit Lourdes next week with the Hallam Diocese pilgrimage

Approximately forty of Lourdes' hotels have been damaged and hopefully the repairs will be carried out quickly. The French authorities are also looking at ways to protect the town from future flooding.

Here is a videos showing the reopening of the Grotto:

19 June 2013

More flooding in Lourdes

It was very sad to see Lourdes flooded last October and the damage caused was still causing problems at Easter. Unfortunately, the floods have returned to Lourdes over the last few days and this time they are even worse.

We have heard today that one person has died because of the flooding. The thoughts and prayers of everyone in Group 101 is with everyone affected by these floods.

Here is a video and some photos detailing the latest floods.

16 June 2013

The Group 101 reunion

What a fantastic day, to end  fantastic week! This morning Group 101 celebrated a reunion mass at St Paul's church. The Lourdes spirit was definitely with us as we recreated the Trust Mass and showed the St Paul's parish what HCPT is all about.

After mass we celebrated in the church hall, enjoying three tons of delicious lasagne cooked by Sarah, and sang Lourdes songs to bring the 2013 pilgrimage to a close.

It was also an opportunity to share many of the photos taken on this years pilgrimage. Margaret has worked tirelessly to create the 2013 photo album finished and, as always, it is the perfect record of a very special week in Lourdes. Every young person in the group also received a photo album as their own personal memento of the trip.

Thanks to everyone who was there today, playing their own special part in a wonderful day. Here are some photos:  

13 June 2013

Award winning Group 101 leader Phil Hall

Here is a photo of Phil Hall with his Fundraising Award and his Outstanding Achievement Award, taken at the top of BT Tower in London. Well done Phil, from all of Group 101!

11 June 2013

Phil Hall wins Outstanding Achievement Award

HCPT Group 101 group leader Phil Hall has won the Outstanding Achievement Award at The BT Chairman's Awards at a ceremony at the BT Tower in London today. Phil received the overall award for his work with HCPT, as well as the fundraising award, and a prize of £3,000 towards the group, from BT chairman Sir Michael Rake.

Click here to find out more about the awards, including a video about Group 101.
Phil receiving the fundraising award
from BT chairman  Sir Michael Rake.