02 July 2012

A message from Brother Michael Strode

A thank you to supporters of HCPT's work with disadvantaged and disabled people from Brother Michael Strode (born 1923), founder of HCPT The Pilgrimage Trust, May 2012. This video is taken from the HCPT YouTube channel.

"I would like to thank everyone who is contributing to the work of the Pilgrimage Trust.
"Not only the helpers and the carers, who look after the children or adults on their pilgrimage to Lourdes, but to those who are interested and back up the work of the Trust with their interest, their prayers, their financial support.
"It's wonderful the way that the Trust over the years has developed, and so many people in their different ways have contributed to the work, not always very obviously, but very importantly, and it can mean so much to disabled youngsters and adults to have that experience of going to Lourdes in a community.
"That's so important: they go with a group, and the group becomes a community, and the community is such an important aspect of the work that they experience, and the value that it has to those who receive it. Both the disabled and the able bodied themselves."