04 April 2012

Happy 60th birthday Phil!

Group 101 leader, Phil Hall, celebrates his 60th birthday today! Phil has been group leader of 101 for 18 years and was a helper for several years before that.

During this time, Phil's hard work and dedication has enabled numerous sponsored children, and helpers, to enjoy a fabulous pilgrimage to Lourdes.

On behalf of every past and present member of group 101, thank you Phil and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

A youthful looking Phil about to set off on the 1991 pilgrimage

Fun in the cafes of Lourdes

Music and fancy dress- Phil in his element!

Phil always makes sure there is plenty of fun as well as prayers

Leading a session in the hotel Jeanne d'Ard

Phil always shows great care to the children we take

Phil with wife Margaret in Gavarnie

Phil loves having his family with him in Lourdes