02 December 2011

New HCPT Chief Executive announced

The following is taken from the HCPT website:
HCPT – The Pilgrimage Trust is delighted to welcome Phil Sparke as its new Chief Executive. Expected to take up the position full-time from March 2012, Phil has already had 16 years experience volunteering with the Trust.
He has travelled on several Easter Pilgrimages, which help over 1,500 children with special needs each year to experience a very special week away in Lourdes and he has provided volunteer assistance to those adults who need it at the Trust’s own accessible Hosanna House, which provides tranquil and spiritual retreats for over 2,000 people each year.
Phil’s former career in the Royal Navy brought experience and knowledge to his voluntary role within the Trust as Chair of the Armed Services Region, which he has held for the last 6 years.
“It is with great personal pleasure that I take up the position of Chief Executive at HCPT – The Pilgrimage Trust,” says Phil Sparke.
“The Trust has helped me strengthen and focus my faith over the last 16 years of volunteering. It has allowed me to understand the true spirit of giving and now offers me the opportunity to contribute in new ways as Chief Executive. I relish the opportunity to guide the Trust through uncertain and difficult times, but with those challenges I also see great possibilities for the second biggest Catholic charity in the Country, one that has already touched so many people in so many ways and has a loyal and enthusiastic supporter base behind it every step of the way.”