31 May 2011

Thanks to our supporters

Getting a group to Lourdes takes, time, effort, money and a lot of support. The following company gave us lots of support to get to Lourdes in 2011.

Quality Water Specialists donated lots of hand gel to keep the members of the group clean and safe from infection during the pilgrimage.

You can visit their website here.

20 May 2011

Parachute jump for 101!

On 2nd July, Group 101 helper Lilian Hollidge is bravely jumping out of an aeroplane and doing a parachute jump to raise money for HCPT Group 101 and for Cancer Research.

Please sponsor her! Contact Lilian, email us at hcpt101@gmail.com, or phone Group leaders Phil and Marge on 01302 868816 for details of how to sponsor.

An artist's impression of Lilian's parachute jump

18 May 2011

Reunion and first fundraiser for 2012!

The reunion for everyone who went on the Group 101 pilgrimage this year will be held on Saturday 18th June between 1pm and 3pm at St Paul's church hall, Cantley, Doncaster.

Please be there if you can, it will be fantastic for the group to be together again and to sing Rise and Shine one last time!

The reunion will coincide with a fundraising weekend for the groups 2012 pilgrimage. On the Saturday morning, we will be holding a cake stall at Cantley Park for two hours. A cake stall will also be held on Sunday 19th June. So we need as many cakes as possible for the weekend, and we also need helpers to volunteer to man the stalls and sell the cakes. Let's get our fundraising efforts for 2012 off to a great start.

To complete the HCPT activities during the weekend, a group meeting will be held after the reunion for those wishing to travel to Lourdes in 2012.

If you have any questions about the weekend, either email us at hcpt101@gmail.com, or give Phil and Margaret a call on 01302 868816.

15 May 2011

The grotto

Bernadette said, "The grotto was my heaven." Years after she left the town of Lourdes, when asked if she missed the grotto, Bernadette replied that she visited the grotto every day in her heart.

It is now more than two weeks since Group 101 and all the other HCPT groups left Lourdes: another fabulous pilgrimage over. Many people come home feeling sad, missing their group and wishing they were back in Lourdes.

Like Bernadette, we too can visit the grotto every day in our hearts. We can also visit the grotto webcam to see the peace and calm of that special place.

Click here to visit the grotto webcam now.

Here is a video of Group 101 visiting the grotto during our 2011 pilgrimage.

11 May 2011

Having fun in the cafes of Lourdes

Here is a video of Group 101 having lots of fun in the cafes around Lourdes.

10 May 2011

Group 101 in Gavarnie

Exactly two weeks ago Group 101 were in Gavarnie, celebrating mass and enjoying spectacular views of the Pyrenees mountains. Here is the video of what happened when we were there.

07 May 2011

Thank you to the young people of 101

Without the children, the HCPT pilgrimage would not take place at all. This year the children were fantastic, and a real credit to their families back home. Thank you to the young people of Group 101!

L-R: Ollie, Millie, Jade, Sam, Marianne, Jamie, Jasmine, Ryan,
Ashley, Rosi, Becky, Malaika, Shannon and Sonia.

04 May 2011

Lighting the Group 101 candle

A video of Steff lighting the Group 101 candle for the first time in Lourdes 2011. The Group then sing 'Peace is Flowing' to end Mike B's session.

101 - A family group

HCPT Group 101 are definitely a family group. Group leaders Phil and Margaret's three children and their in-laws all travel with the group,as do all of their six grand children. Here they all are at the 2011 Trust mass.

Phil and Margaret with their family in Lourdes

02 May 2011

Group 101 are back home

Group 101 arrived home last night after a fabulous week in Lourdes. We would like to say thank you to all the children, helpers and supporters of 101 for making the week so special.

Keep checking the website- lots of updates from the week with fantastic photos and videos will be here very soon!